Earhoox™ are the cure to loose earbuds, and were born from the idea that earbuds should comfortably stay in your ear. Simply stretch Earhoox onto any earbuds and give yourself the freedom to move with your music.

Secure Fit

No matter the activity or condition, Earhoox keep your earbuds in place so you can move with your music.


Earhoox stretch to perfectly fit any circular earbud, including all Apple models and most other popular brands.


The ultra soft, durable silicone provides a comfortable fit, even after frequent and extended use.

Earhoox for Earbuds

Designed to fit round earbuds of all shapes and sizes. Earhoox provide traction to key points of the ear ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Attach Earhoox and never deal with a loose earbud again.

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Earhoox for Earpods

Earhoox for EarPods

If you have a newer iPhone or iPod, then you have Apple EarPods. Attach Earhoox and you’ll wonder how you ever wore your EarPods without them.

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About Us

After recognizing the growing number of earbuds on the streets and in the gyms, founders Helmut Wyzisk and Jeff Becker saw an opportunity to solve a frustrating problem – earbuds just don’t fit right. They set out to find a solution and put an end to loose and uncomfortable earbuds… and so Earhoox were born. Earhoox can transform almost any earbud into a comfortable, securely fitting earbud by applying traction and outward pressure to key points of your ear – giving you the peace of mind of secure and comfortable earbuds.


Helmut Wyzisk

Start-up consultant by day, and inventor by night, Helmut puts his Earhoox to the test chasing frisbees and driving fairways. You can find him living in Orlando at Earhoox HQ.

Jeff Becker

When he's not pushing Earhoox to their limit running the streets of New York City, Jeff spends his time binge watching Netflix and consulting for a social media giant.

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